A.J. plans to offer a needle felting class soon.  Check back often for details when they become available

Our  April 15, 2015, meeting was so very interesting and informative.  Thank you Pat Shea for introducing us to A.J. &  thanks to A.J. Collier, owner of  Rowan Wood Farms for a great program - www.rowanfoodfarm.com . A.J  was both entertaining and educational and also an inspiration in gentle farming and love of animals.  Did you know you can 'bucket train" a llama like you house train a dog?.  Well A.J. has done it!  Her farm is just 4 acres and  self-sustaining. Please check out her website  www.rowanwoodfarm.com

A.J.   raises rare breeds of miniture llamas, Nigerian Dwarf and Pygora goats.  She opens her farm to school and library visits.. She hosts hiking tours  in the forests and vineyards too.. She offers georgeous fiber for spininning and felting and hand spun yarn and goatmilk soaps for sale  to help sustain the farm.  Please visit A.J. to help her support this very unique farm and animals.