Memorize the Kitchner Stitch

February 2013 Meeting

Grafting, aka The Kitchner Stitch,

presented by our own  Dagny H.

The Kitchner Stitch is a technique of invisibly weaving live stitches together. So many of us have a stigma about this stitch or area a t least a little afraid of it but with a little practice it's a technique we'll want to use again and again. To help us master this technique here are some written istructions and YouTube videos that will take the fear and mystery out of 'The Kitchner' Stitch for all of us.

While the first video walks through the steps very clearly, the 2nd video has a great and easy way to remember the steps because once you memorize and practice the steps the technique is really quite simple and makes a perfect join.  

Click this link- Kitchner Stitch - for written instructions.

From The Knit Witch