October 21, 2015 Meeting

Download Supply List & Directions

Supply List:

Crochet Square Hot Pad / Potholder

1 Skein 100% Cotton Yarn (simila to worsted weight in thickness)

1 Crochet Hook, Size 'G' recommended (Size "H" or "I" also work, making looser stitches

1  Needle to stitch up closing seam


Crocheted Square Hot-Pad / Potholder


Using a Size “G” Crochet Hook, Chain 29 stitches for an approximately 4“ square Hot-pad / Potholder.*

In the second chain from the hook make a Single-Crochet stitch.  Single-Crochet in each chain to the 

end.  Continue to make a Single-Crochet in each chain going back to the place you started.  It looks as if 

you are making a rug for a dollhouse at this point.  As you continue crocheting around and around,  the 

piece begins to look like a small canoe.  Keep the line of single crochet going around and around until it 

is half as high as it is long.


Fold the “ends” toward the center to achieve a diagonal look to your work.  When the “ends” meet, you 

are ready to stitch the seam together.  


You may want to make a loop on one of the corners for hanging it.

*To make a larger size Hot-Pad / Potholder 

Use a larger Crochet Hook, such as an “H” or “I” Hook.
OR, Chain 33 or 37 to increase the size of your project.  A Four-Stitch increase makes about a 1-inch difference in the measurement of each side of the square.