Thanks to Gina McDade and Cindy DeFelice of Newtown for coming to speak to our group about an art form referred to as 'Yarn Bombing'. According to Wikipedia Yarn Bombing "is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colorful displays of knitting or crocheted yarn or fibre rather than paint or chalk". Yarn bombing can also be a way to call attention to an event or cause. There's also a littlel adventure to the art as it is technically illegal (but not often prosecuted).  

Gina & Cindy brought along with them a container full ofitems they use to brighten up their community. They are affiliated with an international group and circulate items from all over the country as far away as Australia.  Read more about the Cosmic Knittas and their yarn bombing escapes here in the Newtown Bee.   For more information you can visit the Cosmic Knittas onFacebookonPinterest or on Ravelry.  You can contact Gina at

The group decorates the flagpole in Newtown on the 14th of every month in memory of those that lost their lives in the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Here are some items they brought along to share with us and some of their work in action. Click on the photo to view larger.