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     Presentation                                       Meeting                      Presenter

Intarsia/Embossed Knitting                           April 2016                        Nancy Boccuzzi    &Butterfly Bobbins - Click for pattern                                                                                            

​Reverse Cable                                                  March 2015                        Country Yarns & Not                                                                                                                                    Just Plan Jane Knits

Magic Knot                                                        January 2015                    Linda Beauchamp

Lily Chen "knot" Tip                                     January 2015                     Annette Corra

European (Continental)                                March 2014                      Country Yarns

Trinity                                                                 March 2014                       Country Yarns

Simple 2 Color Slip Stitch                             March 2014                      Country Yarns

Stranding                                                            March 2014                      Country Yarns

Knit One Below (Brioche Knitting)             March 2014                      Nancy B & Pat S

Backwards Knitting                                         March 2014

Kitchner/Grafting Stitch                               February 2013                 Dagny Hassinger

Gauge Conversion                                             February 2013

Stash Knitting                                                     July 2012                        Irene Blumenthal

Fixing Mistakes                                                  June 2012                       Country Yarns

Shrimp Stitch                                                     June 2012                        Country Yarns

Stringing Beads                                                  June 2012                       Country Yarns

Felted Soap                                                          June 2012                       Country Yarns