Bridge Players Wanted: A notice from Jackie F.

Betty, Laurie & I are looking for bridge players.  We lost three gals so we need at least one player, ideally 3 for rotations & absenteeism.  The three of us took lessons 2 years ago at Trumbull Continuing Ed so we're a little better than beginners.  Please let me know if you or someone you know would like to join us some afternoon.  Jackie F

See Jackie F at a meeting if you're interested.


A Letter of Thanks from the Milford Senior Ctr Knitting Group for our donations.  How good does that make us feel, members, that we can use our talents to benefit others.  Kudos!!!

FROM:   Mindy Leventhal
               Knitting Group - Milford Senior Center
Dear Fran:
On behalf of the Knitting Group at the Milford Senior Center, I personally want to thank you and all the knitters in the Soundview Knitting Guild for all your help making "Neck Cozies".    It all started about three years ago when I was going with my daughter-in-law for her chemotherapy treatments.  She always complained of being cold, and even when wearing a wig or a hat the neck is still exposed.  I started making her neck scarfs and she decided to call it a "Neck Cozy" because it made her feel so warm and cozy.  Many people started asking her about it, and now we make them regularly at the Milford Senior Center  and distribute them on a year round basis to Cancer Centers in the area.    We supply five infusion centers on a regular basis:  Whittingham Cancer Center at Norwalk Hospital;  Father Michael J. McGiveney Center for Cancer Care  YNNH Saint Raphael;   YNHH Smilow on Indian River Road in Orange to Dr. Johanna Lasala;  YNHH Smilow Cancer Center on Park Avenue in Trumbull; and the VA Healthcare Cancer Center in West Haven.   Our purpose and mission is to help and keep as many people as possible as comfortable as we can, as they go through a difficult situation.

Thank you again to the knitters of the Soundview Kniting Guild in helping us with this very worthwhile project.
Mindy Leventhal
Knitting Group - Milford Senior Center 



​Here's the link to the CT Post article by Silvia who visited our guild.  The story, 'Knitting Friendships Together' appeared in the Sunday, April 10, 2016 paper on page A2.  Here's the link to the story with more pictures:

CT Post Article - Knitting Friendships Together


Look at what our Marti has done with her own alpaca yarn.  Beautiful Marti!!!!!


Happiness is just a needle and thread away!!! 

Feeling stressed or in a bad mood?......Knit!    Read more about the study here